Custom Sized Prints

While every effort has been made to provide prints of sizes and aspect ratios suitable to most situations, I am also happy to provide any of my prints at custom sizes - from tiny acrylic blocks 5cm cubed, to massive wall art 3 metres or more wide.

So if you have a space in mind, and you'd like to decorate it with one of the prints in my collection, just visit my contact page and send me a message asking about custom sizes for your wall.

To make things easier, take a photo (using your phone's camera is fine) of the space and blank wall you'd like to decorate, so I can visualise what you're after, and I can make recommendations as appropriate.

Commissioned Work

There are many reasons why people choose to commission me to photograph for them. A few reasons might include:

  • Sometimes it can be hard to find exactly the print you're after
  • An emotional attachment or sentiment for a particular place you'd like photographed
  • Colours, shades, textures, play of light etc can be chosen to perfectly suit your decor and setting
  • Knowing you'll have an original, one-of-a-kind work of art

I won't lie - commissioned work is expensive.  But so is original art, and that's what you're getting!  A lot of research, time, travel, technical skill and knowledge, and post-editing is required, to name a few factors.

So if you're after a 2 metre wide panoramic high-gloss acrylic print of desert sand dunes, or a tall, narrow canvas of giant rainforest trees, or a triptych of your manicured gardens in Spring - consider commissioning a print.